INTERVIEW: We chat with host of ‘Disney Channel Vlog’ DeeLillyHannah.

We had a chat with rising YouTube star DeeLillyHannah, who has recently been unveiled as the presenter of Disney Channel UK’s new weekly YouTube show ‘Disney Channel Vlog’. Here we speak the Harlem Shake, Ariana Grande and why Dee wants to be in a girlband with Miranda Sings.

Congratulations on becoming the host of Disney Channel Vlog! How did it all come about?

Thank you! It all came about when my network Maker Studios reached out and told me all about the potential opportunity. It really didn’t require much thinking; I mean who would turn down such a brilliant opportunity? Vlogging for Disney and creating content with Maker is like a dream.

What about the show are you most looking forward to?

I am most looking forward to hopefully being able to meet new people or go to more exciting events. Meeting Sofia Carson and Booboo Stewart was such an amazing experience. Likewise, Summer in the City was also something I really enjoyed so getting to meet new people and go to exciting conventions would be cool!

How does Disney Channel Vlog differ to vlogs that you do on your own channel?

The Disney Channel Vlogs are different to the vlogs I do on my main channel because they are more directed towards news in pop culture and Disney Channel. On my channel I talk personally about the things that are going on in and around my life.

What first got you into YouTubing?

My ‘getting into YouTube’ story is actually a pretty weird one. My friends and I were in school doing the Harlem Shake and needed somewhere to upload it and so I decided to put it on a channel I had created but not yet used just so that it was easier for everyone to access. I loved how the video was getting so many views and decided to start documenting things like lunchtime with my friends more. It escalated from there really!

Is there any advice you’d give to somebody who was looking to start their own channel or make their channel more popular?

I would say the best way for you to make your channel more popular is to not think about making it popular. I don’t see my channel as a popular one at all but I still do what I do because I genuinely find it really fun and love the feedback I get on my videos.

Did you ever think YouTube would become so big that you’d be hosting a Disney show about it?

Not at all! I had partnered with Maker before Disney had even starting working with them so the way this has all come together is incredible and I’m super thankful for being given such an amazing opportunity that I’ll literally never forget.

What do you think is next for YouTube?

YouTube is such a fascinating platform and continues to develop, I literally have no idea, but whatever it is I’m sure it’ll be fabulous.

Episodes of Disney Channel Vlog are around five minutes long each. Are there any plans to extend them or maybe even put them on TV at any point in the future?

Putting the vlogs on TV would be the coolest thing ever! I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

If you had the opportunity to join any Disney Channel series – past or present – which would you choose?

Past would definitely be Wizards of Waverly Place or That’s So Raven. They were my two all-time favourite Disney shows. Present would probably be Girl Meets World, Jessie, or Austin and Ally. They’re all so good, I honestly can’t choose!

If you could interview anybody on the show, who would you choose and why?

Ariana Grande or Ellen DeGeneras. Two of my all time favourite human beings. I’m actually listening to Ariana as I answer these questions, the love is real.

As we’re a pop site, we have to ask what music you’re loving at the moment…

Ooh, tough one! I love upbeat music so much. At the moment I like going from ‘Around The World’ by Natalie La Rose to ‘The Night Is Still Young’ by Nicki Minaj. I just have a playlist on my phone with a range of different artists and so my music just changes all the time.

If you had to pick one popstar to set up a YouTube account and post a weekly vlog, who would you choose?

Ariana! Although she already has her Honeymoon Diaries that she uploads every now and then so I’ll say Fifth Harmony. Their vlogs would be so addictive.

Picture the scene: We’re making a YouTuber girlband and you’ve been selected as the first member. Which other vloggers would you want in the band with you?

Zoella, Adelaine Morin, Velvetgh0st and Miranda Sings. Who wouldn’t want Miranda in their band?

Finally, we’re going to give you the chance to tell our readers why they should watch Disney Channel Vlog in 140 characters or less…

The Disney Channel Vlog is packed with tutorials, Disney news and laughs. It’s interactive and uploaded on Fridays, 5pm. It’s fabadabulous.

Disney Channel Vlog features a variety of content including fashion, beauty, style and more. It can be seen every Friday from 5.30pm GMT here.

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