Dear 18-year-old self, it’s totally OK that you don’t look like Kylie Jenner and here’s why

Finding our confidence is no easy feat when everyone else is peaking and we still feel like an ugly potato. It’s not helped by the fact we have to see people our age like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid’s younger sister, Bella absolutely killing it. (Yeah, we were surprised too when we found out she was the younger of the two.)

They’re actually flawless human beings. Meanwhile our ugly potato selves just regressed even further into deformed squids. But it’s fine. It’s fine. And here’s why.

1. Repeat after us: celebrities have lots of money, celebrities have lots of money, celebrities have lots of money…


2. See that flawless skin of theirs? Copious appointments with their private dermatologist and a shit ton of high end make-up.


3. £££££ = designer clothes.


4. It also means they can afford to hire personal trainers and nutritionalists that whoop their butts into shape AND motivate them.


5. On top of that, they have stylists and make-up artists to achieve that red carpet-ready look.


6. We’ve just got our own hands and some stuff we smear all over our face from Boots and Superdrug. Tbh, though, we think we do a cracking job.


7. But actually it looks more like this…


8. Or this…


9. In all seriousness, though, we reckon you’re actually probably being too hard on yourself. We’re all perfect 10/10s.


10. And FYI, all those people you know who have already peaked are now on a downward spiral.


11. Whilst you’re just going to keep levelling the hell up.


12. And remember, beauty isn’t just based on looks but also on who you are as a person. Put positivity out into the world and you’ll receive it right back.


Finding and mustering up self confidence can be hard, but here at MP! we hope you can learn to love yourself for who you are, flaws and all. There’s no one else quite like you in the world. Besides all that, we think you’re pretty incredible!

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