Deadpool grossed over $27 million in four days. FOUR DAYS.

Superhero movies are everywhere at the minute, but Deadpool came out on Valentine’s day and it’s already grossed $27.5 million in four days, FOUR DAYS.

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Turns out all that promo worked out, Deadpool gross £1.45 million in UK IMAX cinemas, which is the highest for any film releasing in Feb! It also got a best opening weekend for a 15 or 18 rated movie in the UK. Deadpool must be well chuffed with himself.

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That’s not only it, it’s also the fifth biggest IMAX opening weekend ever and the second biggest from 20th Century Fox.  Also, it’s the highest EVER opening for both an R-rated movie and 2D film in IMAX.  Phew! We thought that’d never end.

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If you haven’t seen Deadpool, you better check it out soon. You don’t want to miss it.

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