‘Deadpool 2’ has been confirmed and we reckon we know who’d love to star alongside Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds will be returning with the help of director Tim Miller to bring us the sequel to ‘Deadpool‘, aptly named ‘Deadpool 2,’ and we are squealing at all the theories of new potential co-stars. There’s definitely one obvious option, though, who we think would love a slice of the superhero action and we reckon you may have heard of him…


With Harry Styles rumoured to make his acting debut in Christopher Nolan’s latest wartime film ‘Dunkirk‘, we don’t think it would be too out of character for Zayn Malik to feature in Marvel’s next blockbuster. In fact, we’re under good authority that Ryan Reynolds is a big fan of his. And by fan, we mean he’s basically us but in A-lister, award-winning form.

When Zayn made the decision to leave One Direction, Ryan couldn’t get his head around it. We bet he couldn’t listen to ‘Spaces’ for a long time after either.

And then of course there was this spectacular tweet…

Which we imagine went down something like this with Zayn.


Then Zayn had to go and ruin it all by not making his appearance on Graham Norton’s show and, understandably, Ryan was devastated.

But, you know what, it’s fine, because then THIS happened.


We’re not entirely sure what their ship name would be with their names being spelt so similarly, but we’re going down with it and it’s going to be epic.

Honestly, we’re surprised that Zayn isn’t already signed up for the role. Surely it can only be a matter of time. But what do you think? How many tears do you think Ryan would shed if this beautiful duo were to finally come together? And how excited are you for the sequel? The first film was ah-mazing! Tweet us @maximumpop!

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