“You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy”. Daya is ultimate girl power goals!

Fresh pop star ahoy!


18 year old, Daya, is definitely on your radar whether you know it or not. She is the voice behind one of 2016’s biggest hits, ‘Don’t Let Me Down’.

Told you! Daya’s been creepin’ up on ya and now she’s set to take over the world with her kooky brand of feminist teenage pop.

We discovered where Daya really thinks the good boys go to hide away…

Hi Daya! You just released your debut album ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’! How do you feel now it’s out there and what’s your fave song from the album?

I’ve been working really hard on it for the past year and a half with my team in L.A. I’m excited for everybody to hear it. My favourite song from the album is ‘Words’ because I worked with a new producer and he introduced a lot of cool sounds. There’s an electronic breakdown in the middle so it’s more of a dancey tune.

Was that influenced by your work with The Chainsmokers?

Yes I guess it’s more of a middle ground between ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and my other two singles ‘Hide Away’ and ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’.

A lot of your music so far has had a running them of feminism. Is this something you feel passionate about?

Yes I feel like it’s relatable for me. I’m only 18 so I haven’t experienced a lot of relationships so instead I’m writing about being happy whilst being solo, finding my place in the world and a lot about self-discovery. It’s important to depend on yourself. You don’t need a boyfriend to be happy. Just work hard to pursue your dreams and I want to encourage women everywhere to not be afraid of that.

So how did you pick your stage name, Daya?

Daya is actually a translation of my real name, Grace, in Hindi. I was looking online last year and I came across the name and really liked it. My grandpa was also originally from New Delhi, India so there is a connection there.

Would you be keen to explore Indian music at all?

Yeah, possibly down the road. I always loved and admire Indian music. I think it’s really cool that they can sing different tones and notes to us.


What is the main piece of advice that you would give to girls who want to make it big in the music industry?

It can be intimidating at first and, especially being a young girl in the industry, people might try to take advantage of you. But you just have to stick to what you know and be confident in your work.

How did you manage to get so confident?

I surrounded myself with such great people from the beginning and they supported my vision from day one. That helps me to believe in my music even more.


How did you first get a record deal? 

Music has always been part of my life. I’d been writing for a while, and then 2 years ago I was invited to L.A. to do a writing session with a great songwriter. We vibed really well and wrote ‘Hide Away’ together. Originally we were going to pitch it to other artists, but ‘Hide Away’ really resonated with me so we put it to radio and it all went from there.

So where do the good boys go to ‘Hide Away’? 

Haha I don’t know that’s why I’m asking the question.

Maybe there aren’t any good boys. 

I agree actually! 😂

If you were stranded on a desert island, which other pop star would you want to be stuck with?

It would be hard to be stranded with another pop star, but I feel like Sia would be cool about it.

She can provide shade with her fringe as well. 

If you could form the ultimate teen supergroup with three other teen artists who would you pick? 

Alessia Cara! She’s really cool. And Troye Sivan!

He’s 21 but we’ll run with it. And who else?

Let’s throw Shawn Mendes in there.

He’s the life of the party.


Which one of Twitter, Snapchat and Insta could you just not live without? 

Snapchat! Because I love the spontaneity of it.

What’s your favourite filter?

The one that makes you look fat. I like the ones that make you look ugly.

What’s your fave pop star couple ship?

Zayn and Gigi are my OTP.

If Disney princesses were real which one would you go one a date with?

I would say ‘Pocahontas’. She’s a badass.


Daya’s debut solo album ‘Sit Still, Look Pretty’ is out to stream and download right this very second. Oooh would you look at that. It’s right here…




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