Potatoes, 5SOS and Harry Styles: A day in the life of Niall Horan

Niall has been a bit on the quiet side of the One Direction hiatus. He’s signed a record deal and started a golf company but we need to know what our Irish lad is eating for dinner! We worry about him ok.


Being the lovely guy he is, Niall invited us to spend a day with him behind the scenes. We got to see how he starts the day, to how he ends up snuggled in bed. Read on, we’re sure you’re excited.

Niall likes to kick start the day with multiple plates of potatoes for breakfast. Ah, a true Irishman. FYI, he eats them raw.


Who knew Nintendo Wii systems still existed? Turns out Niall hops onto ‘Wii Sport’ every day to have a little round of golf. Apparently it’s his daily exercise.


As often as he can, Niall will go and see his pals 5SOS! Mainly because he’s deeply, hopelessly in love with Ashton. Also because they’re cool af guys.


To wind down and relax after a crazy filled day, Niall likes to put his feet up and catch up on his favourite TV programme ever, ‘Teletubbies’. He never forgets that tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream either. #netflixandchill


When it’s coming to bedtime, he’ll pop on his absolute favourite secret recording of Harry Styles singing. It puts him right to sleep and we totes heard him sleeping talking about Harry.


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