MP!er Sarah Clare reviews the ‘unsettling’ and eerie Halloween read ‘Daughters Unto Devils’.

‘Daughters Unto Devils’ is eerie, disturbing and a book you won’t want to miss this Halloween. But be careful, once this book has you, it has a habit of not letting go until the final page.

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Sarah ClareName: Sarah Clare

Age: 26

First things first, did you read this book at night? If so, did you regret it? I read most of this book in the daytime but that didn’t stop my imagination replaying some of the scenes once night fell… there are some key images in this book that continued to haunt me after.

What kind of scary would you say this book is? Gory, creepy, terrifying? Unsettling.

Favourite character? I’m not sure I have one. I think the whole cast of characters compliment each other, but I didn’t feel drawn to any one in particular.

Daughters Unto Devils high resWhat did you think of the setting? I loved the prairie setting. I usually feel safer in bright, open places like that so it was interesting to see how it could also become a place of terror too. I also thought the sense of place throughout, whether in the mountains, the cabin or outside in the grass.. it was really well written.

Did it shock you? A little. I thought the opening and the ending were very edgy and I think some readers could find it more difficult to stomach perhaps. I love horror and dark stories so I’ve become somewhat desensitised, I think, but there were certain scenes that were quite graphic and caused something to stir in me.

Rate out of 10. A solid 7.

Grab your copy of ‘Daughters Unto Devils’ for £7.99.

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