Dating advice with Austin Mahone: We talk Nando’s, twerking, stuffed animals… and we actually touch some Mahone leg!

Austin Mahone’s new single is called ‘What About Love’ and it’s What About Brilliant! The track suggests that Austin is experienced in the love department so MP!TV presenter, Luke Franks, visited Austin the hopes of getting some dating advice from the Love Guru. Here’s how things went down: 

Hey Austin, I have 5 awkward date situations. I want to see if you can offer the perfect response for each. Ok here we go:

1You are at beach. It’s a nice set up and you’ve hired a pedalo. But the weather takes a turn for worst and you are stranded out at sea.

What’s a pedalo?

It’s a boat that you peddle to make it go.

Oh, I love those.

Great. To make matters worst, when your date gets scared she starts reciting the ENTIRE Twilight trilogy word for word to calm herself.

It’s raining?


I’d say “Hey… relax” [puts hand on Luke’s shoulder]

Yeah? [puts hand on Austin’s leg]

And [takes Luke’s hand off his leg] I’d give her a hug and I’d say “Hey, enjoy the rain”.

Wow! Beautiful.

That’s memories right there. You’re creating memories

2Date number 2! It’s night out! You are out with girl in the club and a guy challenges dance off. He starts doing some amazing twerking? You’re up next… what do you do?

At that point, I don’t think it matters what I do. He’s twerking, so I think I automatically win.

3You are at the cinema. Your date wanted to see a romcom but you take her to see Fast & Furious 12, as it’s at some point in the future. It’s going well. She leans in for a kiss and as goes in you notice some pop corn stuck in her teeth. What do you do?

I mean, that’s happened to the best of us. I still go in for the kiss.

Do you nibble it off?

Yeah, I might just do that.

Don’t waste it!

 You have a full loyalty card at Nando’s. Do you know Nando’s?

Yeah I was there once.

You are going for a romantic meal in Nando’s. You order an entire chicken but waiter brings you a bean burger. You’re angry but you don’t want to blow up in front of your girl. How do you rectify the situation?

I tell him to get me some chicken. I’d be like “Yo, I didn’t order this. Give me some chicken”. I’m not going to make a big deal. You don’t wanna make a scene and look like a jerk. “WHAT! BEAN BURGER! THIS IS ABSURD”. You don’t wanna do that. Keep it cool. Send it back. Get chicken. Tastes good.

5Finally, you go back at her place. She says “Lets go up to my room and check out award winning collection of stuffed animals”. Does that put you off or do you go upstairs and take it from there?

No, that doesn’t put me off. She likes stuffed animals, which means she likes to cuddle and I like to cuddle, so it works out well.

Good work Austin Mahone! You are definitely a man for the ladies!

So, there you have it! Don’t forget Austin’s single ‘What About Love’ will be available in the UK on September 9th.

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