Darryl Dishes: Cher Lloyd compares being famous to peeing in front of the world…

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back yet again with more exclusive goss and interviews only on MP!. This week Darryl got to catch up with the lovely and surprisingly down to earth Cher Lloyd ahead of the release of her brand spanking new album ‘Sorry I’m Late’. Jealous? Us? Never. 

Cher Lloyd is back. It’s a headline she must be getting sick of hearing, but there’s no denying Cher’s absence. She’s been busy building her American empire and doing a lot of growing up.

“I was slightly concerned that I hadn’t been back to the UK in such a long time and that lots of people still viewed me as the person I was before. It might be weird for people now”

After graduating from a talent show and launching herself into the music business, Cher was, by her own admission, difficult. I hadn’t met her in the thick of her X Factor growing pains; but I’d heard stories of diva tantrums and horrible interviews. The Cher I met this week couldn’t have been any different. Warm, kind, charismatic. She was charm personified and I felt the start of a genuine friendship.

“My life has always been like somebody having a night out and pulling their trousers down and doing a wee in front of the whole world. If somebody did that they’d be horrified when they sobered up.”

There’s an image I didn’t need. The height of her weeing in public days came at X Factor mentor Cheryl’s house. Cher was brought to her knees by a throat infection and broke down as she thought she’d blown her chances.

“I can’t watch it back, it makes me cringe slightly. I was in such a state that I didn’t want to do it. I’m not happy with the way it went but I’m happy with the outcome, so you can sort of accept it”

The outcome Cher talks of consists of becoming one of the UK’s biggest exports in America, a notoriously tough place to crack. It’s come at a price though and the singer feels guilty about turning her back on her homeland for so long.

“It’s been difficult to get my head around everything but it’s gone so well in America that I’ve just not been willing to give up that opportunity. It’s been really difficult telling my Mum and Dad, but I have to come back… I’ve got to see my Nan and my Granddad. I do get to [Skype] but that makes me sad. It’s not the same. I can see my Mum and I know she’s having a cup of tea and a fag, but I’m not really joining her!”

At least she’s got new husband Craig to lean on. The now married couple travel the world and Craig follows where Cher leads, including to buying a house in the states. So no more dreaded hotels and living out of eleven suitcases.

“We get exited over silly little things like whether they have real milk and not the little UHT things”

If ever you’re making Cher a brew, avoid the long life milk. But don’t expect a diva tantrum if you forget, that Cher is long gone.

‘Sorry I’m Late’ is out July 29th and new single ‘Sirens’ is out now!

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