Darryl Dishes: JJ from Union J has Google alerts set up for them, he likes the negative comments. Oo er.

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back with more exclusive goss only on MP!. This time Union J discuss the sexiest men poll, because that’s a subject very close to the bands heart..

“What ever happened to Union J?” said my friend Ellie, as if the boys had fallen off the face of the earth. She had a point though; it feels like it’s been a while.

“We changed labels for a start,” says Jaymi as I hooked up with the band this week. “We’ve been working hard” added Josh, “we really wanted to get our sound right this time. We want the music to grow with us and we feel like we’ve been working on a new direction.”

Eeek. Don’t mention Direction; the less said about that comparison the better. It hasn’t all been work, work, work over the past few months. The video for new single ‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’ shows the boys living it up at the ultimate house party and it wasn’t far from the truth.

“The label asked us what we wanted to do and of course we wanted to have a party!” said George. “We actually had a few of our friends from home” says Jaymi, “It was less awkward than other music videos, and miming in front of 50 people you’ve never met!”

There’s no shortage of man hugs being dished out either.

“We love a man hug” admits Josh, “we keep all our fan presents in the tour bus so it’s pretty squashed, we’re pretty much sat on top of each other.”

There’s an image I didn’t expect in my head today. The last few months haven’t been wall-to-wall house parties for the whole band though; JJ Hamblet has a certain baby to think about.

“The baby is great. He’s just got this first tooth through and he’s a little mascot for the band!”

So have the rest of the lads been mucking in at nappy changing time?

“No!” shouts Jaymi, “I’m completely fine. Don’t even ask because it won’t happen! It’s my responsibility, I didn’t have a baby!”

It’s been a dramatic two years for Union J. I had the pleasure of hosting one of their first post-X-Factor gigs and they’ve come a long way since that nervous night.

“That was the first time we’d performed Carry You” admitted George, “we had all our outfits planned out the night before and we still looked awful. I remember watching it back on YouTube thinking ‘Oh no!’”

Is watching themselves back something they do often, then?

“We still do that. That’s never changed, after every performance we still get on YouTube and check it out?”

And why not, when you’re so devilishly handsome? What about Googling yourself? Surely that’s a step too far? Not for JJ…

“I have Google alerts set up on Union J. It buzzes through on anything.”

Crikey, surely that’s going to throw up stuff you don’t want to see!?

“I like the negative stuff behind me, it makes me stronger!” added Jaymi, “when they’ve got really negative comments I make up a fake name and comment back and vent my anger! I let rip!”

If ever you come across Sarah9191, you know who to look at! No such worries for George though, he’s just been voted Heat Magazine’s 101st sexiest man alive and he’s feeling pretty pleased with himself – with rumours he even has it as his phone screensaver! But he couldn’t beat boy band rival James McVey of The Vamps, who finished 10 places higher!

“James has nice arms, he’s really ripped” says Jaymi, “Tom Daley won and that was my votes alone!”

Ouch, sorry George!

‘Tonight (We Live Forever)’ is available to download now.

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