Darryl Dishes: Pixie Lott’s feet, The Vamps, The Wanted going solo, DJ Martin Garrix

Darryl Dishes in his weekly column packed to bursting with pop star goss, trivia and silliness. This week… Pixie Lott’s toes. Why not?

I have emails to reply to, I need to empty my suitcase after a recent ski trip and I definitely need to clean up the coffee I’ve just spilt on my kitchen floor. But I’m busy. Busy looking at Pixie Lott’s feet. And if you think that sounds like a weird thing to do, then you’d be right, but I’m not the only one. Innocently researching ahead of her recent appearance on my radio show, it was impossible to miss the website dedicated to pictures of Pixie’s toes. Quite who has put this together, I don’t know, and why, I don’t want to know; but it’s hard not to become a bit captivated.

“Oh I heard about that,” laughed Pixie as I turned my computer screen towards her. “It’s a bit weird but people are into different things I guess.”

You have to hand it to her. For somebody relatively young she is a complete pro; funny, intelligent and hugely passionate about her music. Which of late has included duets with our favorites The Vamps. The world went crazy when she joined them for a rendition of ‘Can We Dance’. Any chance the two might form a McBusted style super-group then?

“Ha! They’re lovely boys but I don’t think that would be for me”

Shame. And it looks like Pixie is flying solo on her new album too, confirming that there aren’t any planned collaborations, despite rumours Bruno Mars may join her on a track. Fair enough. 2014 is the year of the Pixie and she is working hard to make sure people know it, one fan at a time. In a hotel bar the night before our interview, she went against the advice of her management team to sit with some waiting fans and swapped tips on how best to straighten your hair. I took notes, of course.

And a special mention for her Mum, too. Beverly is by her side like a rock… until Pixie comes on the telly. She turned down my offer of a cocktail to dash upstairs and catch a repeat of her daughter’s appearance on The Jonathan Ross Show. Commitment.

Speaking of commitment, pals of Dutch superstar DJ Martin Garrix have demonstrated their solid friendship by joining him on tiring tour journeys. Martin told me that he likes to have his mates around backstage and that they often take time away from their own families to be with him. Getting to hang out with one of the coolest DJs on the planet in some of the world’s hottest party destinations? I can’t imagine it’s too much of a struggle for them, Martin.

And we could have a potentially awkward chart battle on the horizon. It turns out all five members of the soon-to-be separated band The Wanted are planning to launch solo careers. Nathan has shown the most intent with his appearance on an Ariana Grande track last year but Tom reckons they’re all after solo success, and one member has been working with a major US producer to make sure it works out. It’s Gary v Robbie… x 5! Brace yourself.

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