Darryl Dishes: loadsa 5SOS gossip. Plus more on our Alexandra Burke / DJ Fresh drama, and Tom from The Wanted

In his second exclusive column only here on MP!, Darryl Morris dishes this week’s dirt on 5SOS, Alexandra Burke and Tom from The Wanted. Add it turns out the 5SOS are complete sweethearts. Awwwwwwwwwwwww(wwwww).

I’m not entirely sure what we have done to enrage Mother Nature, maybe she’s angry at Nicole Sherzinger’s decision to quit the X Factor or the tiresome wait to find out if Cheryl will be returning, but she sure as hell gave the UK a battering this week. With 100mph winds and more rain than a Rihanna video, it wasn’t a nice place to be. But amid the flooding and flying roof tiles, four boys from the other side of the world gave us a much-needed taste of summer.

5sos“I knew the weather was bad over here but I didn’t expect this” said Ashton.

“I didn’t sleep a wink last night” said a weary Calum, “I thought the window was going to blow in.”

Hundreds of hardcore fans braved the bad weather to wait outside our studios for a glimpse of fresh Australian awesome-ness, and if you aren’t one of the early adopters and you weren’t wowed by their outstanding, arena shaking performances on tour with One Direction last year, then it gives me great pleasure to introduce you to 5 Seconds of Summer.

You can never be sure what to expect when you meet a new artist. You watch endless interviews and tour diaries in research, but only having them in your face, warts and all, can give you the full picture. You worry, particularly when you like them that you won’t get on and the whole thing will be a complete disaster.

I needn’t have worried. It turns out Michael, Calum, Luke and Ash are 4 of the kindest, funniest and most charming people I’ve ever met.

Honestly, truthfully… delightful. It’s this charm, coupled with their devilish good looks and impeccable talent that will, without question, make them one of the biggest boybands in the world. Ah… that term ‘boyband’. When I played their new single ‘She Looks So Perfect’ for the first time last week, I innocently referred to them as a ‘boyband’. It didn’t go down well.

“WTF Darryl. They are NOT a boyband!”

“Call 5SoS a boyband again and I’m turning off!”

“I swear to God, why does everybody call them a boyband? Thought better of you Darryl!”

OK… so… it turns out the fans don’t like that so much. I put this to the guys and thankfully they weren’t quite as outranged.

“Well we are, I guess. Maybe more of a man band”

Manband it is.

The past week hasn’t all be niceness and manband fun. Alexandra Burke and DJ Fresh had a bit of a disagreement after some comments Fresh made on my show. The interview, previewed exclusively on Maximum Pop!, reached far and wide, becoming one of the most talked about entertainment stories of the week. Even the International Business Times ran with the story! DJ Fresh said that Burke had chased him around some dressing rooms, desperate to get on a track with the hit-machine. Awkwardly, DJ Fresh wasn’t really keen on the idea and it left everybody a bit red faced. Alexandra Burke hit back on Twitter claiming it hadn’t happened and that DJ Fresh ought to “take the right information into interviews!” I do need to point out, in fairness to both, that DJ Fresh was very complimentary about the X Factor winner’s talents, he just wasn’t sure a match up would be right for him.

tom dj

Whether it happened or not, I think we can all agree a Fresh-Burke collaboration would be a complete disaster. Like gravy and custard, best served separately.

And a quick nod to Tom Parker; who is working around the clock to make life after The Wanted a success. A source tells me he’s desperate to take his clothing rage, Hashtagz, global and make a name for himself as a respected DJ. One of our spies had their eye on him in Middlesbourgh this weekend and was very impressed. Go Tom!

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