Darryl Dishes: Danny O’Donoghue from The Script is so tall and handsome Belgians like to grab him inappropriately between songs…

The Hits Morning Show presenter, and MP!’s resident pop star pal Darryl Morris is back with more exclusive goss only on MP!. This time he had ex The Voice mentor and all around nice guy Danny O’Donoghue from The Script pop by and see him.

“Yes, he’s just as tall, dark and handsome as he looks on TV”, I tell my friend before reeling off a long list of reasons why it would be inappropriate for me to set them up on a date.

Danny O’Donoghue has the world eating out the palm of his hand; guys want to be him, girls want to date him.  He’s just taken a dollop of his Irish charm and splashed it all over America with The Script supporting One Republic on the US leg of their world tour. He’s back just in time to soak up the success of their latest album, ‘No Sound Without Silence’.

“I was so surprised when this album went to Number 1” he says with a tone that suggests he genuinely was, “This is our fourth album and we’re still killing it but that’s up to the fans that have grown up with us. We’re having an amazing time.”

I didn’t want to mention The Voice – he must get so sick of people demanding his return or wanting an opinion on Ricky Wilson – but he brings it up before I have chance to deflect the subject.

“People wondered what was going to happen after The Voice and we just wanted to hit the road. We took a studio tour bus with us and recorded our album on the road. Every night we’d come off stage and use that energy to record on this bus. It gave us something to do or we’d end up killing each other on tour”

Intense. All that work can’t leave much space for ‘Danny time’, or indeed time for somebody else.

“I want a relationship but my problem is finding somebody I can get past the dating stage with. Dodging weird people becomes important when you’re famous, I need to avoid somebody who wants to rip my skin off and wear it to a party. I want somebody who is going to be my best friend.”

Seriously, can this guy get anymore perfect? He’s starting to humiliate the rest of us! Surely he embarrasses himself sometimes? How about on stage mishaps? He does the McBusted jump better than McBusted on a good day, that can’t always go to plan.

“When I jump up in the air my chain get’s caught around my ear. It’s not very elegant looking. I was doing a show in Belgium and went down into the crowd when this guy came underneath my leg and grabbed me by my crotch, got a good hold and pulled it down! I’m mid-song and I turn around to see him mouthing to his mates ‘I grabbed his crotch! Yeah!’ he turned around and all he could see was me flying through the audience with my fist in the air. I clapped him one with my mic-hand. I finished the song with him and his mates all coming at me. It was a proper fight in the middle of a song.”

Thankfully, Danny survived Belgium to write with David Guetta.

“It’s strange for us to be on a dance record… but he was really digging it. He wrote an email saying he loved it and it’s ended up on his album. I can’t wait for people to hear it.”

Even with a clash of genre, you can guarantee it’ll be perfect. This man has a golden touch.

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