Is the past a little too hazy? Don’t worry, here’s a ‘Broken Sky’ crash course to get you back on track for book 2

The day is almost upon us, friends. The day when ‘Darkness Follows’ is unleashed unto us and we can stuff it into our minds through our greedy eyeballs.


But maybe you need to brush up on some of the deets. You know, just so your good and ready for what promises to be one HECK of a follow-up. Here’s all that good good stuff you need to know:

1. Amity is basically qween. As far as heroines go she’s plucky, fun and immediately likable. You’ll quickly remember why you’re rooting for her in no time.


2. Ingo and Collie. Oh, Ms Weatherly, you spoil us. Not only are we given the stalwart and handsome Collie to swoon over, but we’re also handed Ingo. Oh, Ingo. He’s a slightly slippery chap and yes, yes, we can smell a potential love triangle… But we’re down.


3. Harmony. Is not as harmonious as it sounds. Right the nitty gritty. The world is FUBAR. But dressing itself up as a utopia.


4. Too much stock is put in the stars and the zodiac. And even though if you’re on a certain side of the wall (anywhere but the nutty Central States) it loses its power, it’s coming. Slowly seeping into people’s brains. Like a dirty thought. It’s elitism and segregationist and downright loopy. But girl, it does a dictatorship good.


5. Have your stars been mapped? Are you considered a discordant? Let’s hope not. That’s a whole world of bad for you. Better start running.


6. The fighter pilots! This is a world where war is illegal. SO! How do you settle a dispute? You send up your best fighter pilots to go 1v1. Whoever wins… Wins!


7. Amity ‘Wildcat’ was on the run. And we’ll leave it there because we’re not willing to be hella spoilery.


Stoked for book two now? You should be! It’s going to be amaze. We know it. Nay, we GUARANTEE it. There’s only one thing left to do… Go get your copy!

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