Literally all the reasons why the Angel series is worth a re-read ASAP!

So you’ve read ‘Broken Sky’ and you’re eagerly waiting for ‘Darkness Follows’, what can you read in the meantime? We got you.
It’s probs been a while since you’ve picked up the ‘Angel’ series, right? Or maybe *gasp* you’re totally new to it.


That’s ok, because we can promise you L A Weatherly provides much binge-reading goodness in this series, and here’s all the other reasons why you need to read it, or re-read it, ASAP!

1. Freakin’ angels! Celestial beings often pop up in fiction, and in YA fiction too. But this series has such a cool spin on it. You feel like it’s all gearing up towards a blummin’ Armageddon.


2. Genre. Paranormal, supernatural, otherworldly. It’s fallen a little out of favour as a genre; realness is totes in vogue right now. But that makes this all the more delish. Because it’s different to current trends. So get on it.


3. Romance, who? Sure there’s a romance going on here. But it’s not the be all and end all of the story. Willow and Alex are a fun pair to follow and it’s real neat that the action and the possible impending doom come first.


4. ROADTRIP! Yep. A little a la ‘Demon Road’, but just remember that ‘Angel’ did it first. There’s much of this story (the first book, at least) that takes part on the road. And that makes for fun, pacey reading.


5. Binge. The fact that you can grab up all of these books and gobble them in quick succession is one hell of a deciding factor. Binge read? Heck yes.


So what are you waiting for? Get to reading, friends. And enjoy.

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Written by Sarah Clare

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