Talon Saga: we find out what even MORE reviewers are saying about Julie Kagawa’s fierce and fiery series

We may have first picked up Julie Kagawa’s story of a dragon in disguise and the dragonslayer hunting her with slight uncertainty, but now, two books in, we are totally in love with this explosive series.

And it would seem that a lot of other people are too – no surprise.

‘The Dark Dictator’ mentioned coming across reviews of ‘Talon’ before, and noticing mixed opinions and comparisons to Kagawa’s earlier creations, such as the ‘The Iron Fae’. However, after reading the fast-paced fantasy for themselves, the Dictator was more than happy. They even ended up with a soft spot for rogue, Riley, and a stake in the mounting love triangle.

Now just for book 2, Dictator.

We also checked out what Maricar at ‘Black Plume’ had to say about ‘Talon”s thrilling sequel, ‘Rogue’. Describing it as “un-putable-down” (which we have to say is totally true), Maricar mentions how Ember has definitely grown in this book, from reckless teen to a more cooperative team player, and makes it clear that she is Team Garrett – here at MP!, we’re still trying to decide.

Bad news for ‘Rogue’ fans: the follow up, ‘Soldier’ is a year away. Good news for ‘Rogue’ fans: the follow up, ‘Soldier’ is only a year away.

It’s a complicated emotion.

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Written by Laura Fulton

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