Dappy – Rock Star video review

Time for a quick recap: Dappy’s dropped the N-Dubz name and ventured out as a solo star, earning a well deserved Number One with debut single ‘No Regrets’. Now the pint sized rapper is finally back with his long awaited second single ‘Rock Star’, featuring legendary guitarist Brian May (ask your dad) and in true MP! style we’ve decided to review the music video by using informative screengrabs. Keep reading to see the video and find out why we think Dappy should just rename the song ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’…

Use of inappropriate behaviour #1 – Dappy sits really high up in the sky on a diving board. Everyone knows that the pool won’t be full at this time of night, so if he falls, he’s going to do some serious damage.

Here’s Brian May doing his best helicopter impression. Possibly to fly up and rescue Dappy from the ridiculously high diving board that he’s gone and got himself stuck on.

Use of inappropriate behaviour #2 – Now, we definitely have NO IDEA what’s going on here, but if we did we would point out to Dappy that the last pop star caught doing that wasn’t exactly a hardcore rock star. Maybe he’s just a massive Hannah Montana fan and was paying tribute.

There is no need for a car that big to carry a Dappy that small. Now he’s just being ridiculous.

Judging by those marks on the wall, Dappy has been held captive in this music video for around 365 days. That explains why it took so long for him to release it then.

Use of inappropriate behaviour #3 – “Mustn’t look. Mustn’t look. Maybe if I just look over there and pretend to be thinking about all the bad things I’m going to do (because I’m a rock star) then nobody will notice how much pain I’m in.”

WAIT A MINUTE – that poster is the wrong way round! And there are loads of mirrors in the video! Is this some kind of clue that there’s more to this than meets the eye and we’re actually witnessing a high concept piece of art about torn identities and the eternal struggle between good and evil? Or maybe not…

If you’re not easily offended by pop star hijinks then watch the video for Dappy’s ‘Inappropriate Behaviour’ (sorry, ‘Rock Star’) below:

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