Looks like Little Mix’s next album is in the works, thanks to Danny from McFly

McFly are back together, our dreams have come true! However, there is more exciting news regarding band member Danny Jones, apparently he’s been writing for Little Mix!


That’s right, Little Mix! It’s possible there will be a new album on the way then, right? “We finished writing songs for Little Mix and Louisa Johnson. I love them. It is much easier to work with someone you love. ” According to ‘The Sun,’ Danny teamed up with a young producer called David Darwin on the new tracks. We can’t contain our excitement.


Get Weird‘ only came out last November but hopefully the girls will be popping out their next record by the end of the year, along with Louisa Johnson‘s debut album. Oh it’s a good year for music. What are you most excited for, Little Mix’s next album, Louisa’s debut or the return of McFly? Let us know on Twitter @maximumpop, we couldn’t choose just one to be honest.

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