The Janoskins

You’re looking for facts about Daniel  from The Janoskians:

  • Daniel’s full name is Daniel John Sahyounie [source]
  • Daniel is 19 and his birthday is the October the 31st, 1994 [source]
  • His star-sign is Scorpio
  • Daniel has two brothers. [source]
  • Daniel is 5’6 tall. [source]
  • Daniel’s Twitter account is @danielsahyounie
  • Daniel’s Instagram account is danielskip
  • Daniel’s nickname is Skip
  • Daniel loves soccer, but isn’t a big AFL fan
  • His birthday is on Halloween.
  • A fan once held Daniel’s hands up against a wall and tried to hook up with him
  • Daniel enjoys getting high.
  • He has his eyebrow, nipple and lip pierced.
  • He admits he has a habit of playing with his lip ring.
  • He loves English girls
  • Skip’s favourite food is lasagne.

Today you learnt about Daniel from The Janoskians.


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