5 Ways to know if you’re a Dangerous Woman like Ariana

The ponytail Queen Ariana Grande drops her new album ‘Dangerous Woman’ in a matter of weeks… But are you ready for it? Well, are you?

Sure, you’re an Arianator. But are you truly a dangerous woman like Ms. Grande? Well, we’ve figured out the top five ways to be absolutely sure you’re a certified dangerous woman in these important days and weeks ahead! Boys better beware…

5) Your impressions of other celebrities are always on point: Can you nail ‘Work’ at karaoke? Do you know all of Jennifer Lawrence’s lines in ‘The Hunger Games’? You’re already on your way!


4) You’ve just GOT to have bunny ears, no matter the situation: Bunny ears are for life, not just for Easter.


3) Doughnuts are an essential part of your five-a-day: Or maybe you just like to lick the frosting, that’s cool too! Because frosting is a fruit, right?


2) Vocal practice happens at a moment’s notice: On the bus, on the train, in the supermarket; you don’t give a damn! You let those vocals shine, girl!


1) Your focus is solely on 20th May (aka ‘DANGEROUS WOMAN’ DAY!): Because that’s an important date in any true dangerous woman’s diary.


So are you officially a dangerous woman? Tell us how well you did on Twitter @maximumpop

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