We’ve found the girl from the ‘Perfect’ video and she’s been telling us all about it. Not even jealous.

Does the name Dana Matthews mean anything to you? Perhaps not at the moment but by the time you’ve finished reading this, she will mean a lot to you. She will be your idol, she will be everything you want to be in life, Dana Matthews is somebody that we all aspire to be like.

But what has Miss Matthews achieved that is so inspirational and sought for? Well MP!ers, Dana Matthews is single-handedly the only girl to star in One Direction’s ‘Perfect’ music video.

How are you all feeling?

So, how exactly did GQ employee Queen Dana land this role? She’s been speaking to her former workmates Teen Vogue all about it.

One Direction and Columbia records are a big relationship of mine, I’ve been a supporter of the boys from the beginning.”

“We’ve had several adventures together for Teen Vogue and I genuinely loved working with them. Something clicked. Mike Navarra, their publicist, is a good friend of mine and asked me to be in the video as someone in the journalism world they trust and know well,” she continued.

And how did the shoot go, Dana?

We shot the scene several times, with them coming in and giving me a hug. I got lots of hugs…They were telling me all these fun stories about tour. I was laughing so hard. I can’t believe they included the part where Harry covered my eyes — that was definitely not planned…They still love to get into mischief and have fun while they work. By the end of the shoot, there were throwing oranges at each other”.

Oh Dana, you give us such hope that one day we can be just like you. Friends?

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