DALE! Is Camila Cabello about to go totally Cubana on us for a brand new single?

She’s working so damn hard her head MUST be in overload

Not content with having one song ruling the charts at the minute, it looks like Camila Cabello is revving up to bring us more of her brand of firey latina realness very, very soon.

On Friday she dropped her first solo single, ‘Love Incredible’, and it was quite a shock to the system, we can tell you that. The production is so minimalist and Camila’s vocals sounds so different to what we have previously heard from her. It’s clear that Camila is going to be diverging from Fifth Harmony‘s sound on her debut solo album.

But it seems like ‘Love Incredible’ is just the tip of the iceberg. In a recent interview with Billboard, Camila revealed that after she left Fifth Harmony, she returned to Miami and got back in touch with her roots:

“I went to the beach a lot. I listened only to Latin music. It reminds me of where I come from and that this [conflict] doesn’t have to be World War III. In Cuba, people are literally making rafts out of tires and sticks, throwing themselves into the ocean to find opportunity. That’s real shit. Not this.”

If there was any doubt that she would be drawing on her Cuban heritage, then let it be dispelled right this second. Apparently she wants to go the whole hog and kick off her album with a dedication to the capital city, ‘Havana’. If that’s not a statement of intent then we don’t know what is.

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After the surprise release of ‘Love Incredible’ you would think that that would be it for a while, but the Cabello production line never stops. She is now teasing a new collab with the Cuban King of Rap, Pitbull, and Colombian singer, J Balvin.

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Just to make things really clear she also posted an Instagram pic of herself and her collaborators which is making us think that the single is about to drop any second.

Then she posted this picture of her with a Cuban flag and car with the caption:

“Pa mi gente latina stand up”

pa mi gente latina stand up

A post shared by Camila Cabello (@camila_cabello) on

Could this be a song lyric? It does sound like a cheeky hook. If so, we’re already excited because this could mean that her collab with Pitbull and J Balvin would be sung in Spanish. Don’t get us wrong, we love Mila in English, but she a bit of sultry Español never fails to liven up the party. Either way, we can’t wait!

What would you like to see from Camila’s debut album? Do you want to see her singing in Spanish and drawing on her Cuban heritage or something entirely different?


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