Fans reactions to the #CursedChild preview shows are so spellbinding that you’ll be begging for tickets

#CursedChild is here. Almost. It’s in the middle of previews and will officially open on 25th July ahead of the book release. Magical!

harry potter snape

So we’ve been frantically updating our Twitter and Instagram feeds for confirmation that this play will rock our socks. And by Merlin’s left ear, we think it might be a total smash.

For starters, we love people who are hella prepared:

And nothing says “prepared” like Harry Potter pants:

What if this person legit saw it all in a dream…

As much as we love all the pre-show hype, it’s those that have already witnessed it in all its glory that have us chomping at the bit. Just look at this:


#KeepTheSecrets though, y’all.

First show of Harry Potter and the #cursedchild in the bag.

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But we do wanna go and see it SO BAD! *cries*

However, if we had a moment like this, we’d probably die. Straight up:

Basically, we have a mighty need to see it. Ten times over.

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Still need to get your bum in one of those seats? We feel your pain.

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