I tried getting over the ‘Cursed Child’ and nothing is working – help

For a lot of Potterheads, the wait to see ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‘ has been a long one. If you’re anything like me, you managed to bag some tickets when they first went on sale and, since then, have been religiously counting down the days. I even had to deal with the script coming out on July 31st, nearly two whole months before I would finally see the actual fully-fledged thing on stage. Thankfully I withheld from diving into my copy and executed some serious self-control. But it finally happened. I saw it. And it was legit magic.

harry potter

But now, like with any big gig, film release or theatre experience in which you’ve been waiting a long time to see it, and completely inhaled the whole thing, I have been going through a serious case of post-Potter blues. And, tbh, I’m not sure I’ll ever get over it.

The 28th September happened. I hopped on a train to London and I watched the whole of the eighth ‘Harry Potter‘ story in one day. Part One swiftly followed a couple of hours later by Part Two. It was as glorious as the Palace Theatre itself and I couldn’t think about much else as I tried not to fall asleep on my very late last train home.

Needless to say I was too tired to even begin to start finally reading the script (which I’d, of course, brought with me). But I hadn’t prepared myself for the following day when I’d be unable to get over the fact that this might be the one and only time I ever saw the play physically acted out.

So how did I try to get through the post-Potter blues?

Well, first of all I let some of my feelings of awe out on Twitter, all the while refraining from saying anything too explicit, because, you know… #KeepTheSecrets.

Then I flicked through my program, oh, I don’t know, about half a dozen times, reading every last word on every single page. Let’s just say I could give you a lot of facts about the actors now. We should be on first name terms, I know them that well.

I also may have worn my badge around a lot, even as time dwindled on and more days were put between me and being sat in that chair in the audience.

Now that my eyes weren’t so tired, and there wasn’t any risk of me missing my stop, I decided to live through the ‘Cursed Child’ world by page.

As JK Rowling said on that dreaded day that the film franchise finally came to a close, “Whether you come back by page or by the big screen, Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

Honestly, that hits me in the feels every time.

The thing with reading the script, though, is that it’s not the same. I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy reading the story again by these means, but you miss out all the epic staging, special effects and superb acting. And, of course, it’s not the same as getting enraptured by a novel. Still, the dialogue is ace and it did help to bring back some of the amazing stuff I saw on stage.

Annnnd, simulteanously, it also assisted in reminding me of my favourite bits, so that I could write them up for a post on my very own blog.

So, OK, I was still feeling very blue about the fact my ‘Cursed Child’ experience had been and gone, but these methods did allow me to truly reminisce and appreciate the magic I had seen on stage.

I must admit, the hit of blues wasn’t as intense as it could have been either. Because I’m currently in the midst of reading another incredible series with its own world every bit as wonderful and vivid as the Wizarding World. And that is Sarah J Maas’Throne of Glass‘ series.

My final tip for you, then, would be to shove yourself into other books or films or TV series that are just as spellbinding — or as near enough as it possibly can be — to Harry Potter.

Also, you should probs continue to read and watch ‘HP’ as many times as humanly possible in your lifetime. It never gets old and it’s always just as magical and cosy as the last.

Have you seen ‘Cursed Child’ yet? How did you get through the post-Potter blues? Comment your methods below or tweet ’em @maximumpop.

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