We loved ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time’ theatre production. Here’s 6 reasons why…

If you’ve ever read Mark Haddon’s award-winning book ‘The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-time’, you’ll appreciate why we were a little nervous about going to see the the stage show. It was either going to be amazing, or a massive disappointment. It’s such a clever story, touching on a really sensitive subject with a cracking twist of humour. It would be a real challenge to create a show that would do the book justice… they nailed it. Here’s why.

1. The first and most obvious reason was the set. The entire thing is set in a kind of black box with minimal props. Incredible LED displays and interactions with the play bring it to life. We’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Badass!

2. Sion Daniel Young, playing the main character Christopher Boone, put on a flawless performance for such a challenging role. Portraying the difficult behaviour of Christopher without seeming forced or unnatural.

3. The entire cast was a well oiled machine, always perfectly in tune with each other. You can see instantly that a lot of passion and time went in to pinning it down so perfectly. Kudos to them for that!

4. The use of a narrator as Christopher’s ‘inner voice’ was a pretty ingenious move to keep in sync with the style of the book. Written from Christopher’s point of view and explaining his way of seeing the world.

5. There was the perfect balance of hilarity and dejection, having everyone in fits of laugher and floods of tears repeatedly. Bring your tissues, it’s a roller coaster ride.

6. Just like in the book, the show pulls off a relatable experience of Christopher’s unique way of seeing the world, managing not to lose any of the magic and understanding that so easily could have disappeared during the move from page to stage.

We loved it! Despite being worried about the performance living up to the brilliance of the book, the show is carefully and lovingly put together. A stroke of actual genius by Simon Stephens that does the story justice with real charm – we were rightfully impressed.

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