15 signs you’re probably going to be a crazy cat lady

Here at MP! we love cats. We love dogs too, don’t get us wrong. But we have a sneaking suspicion our futures may make crazy cat ladies out of us yet. After all, we’re showing some seriously glaring signs — all 15 of these to be exact.

1. If you’re going to use a GIF, it has to be cat related


2. You have cat memorabilia, like…

3. Cats on t-shirts

4. Cats on jumpers

5. Cats on socks

6. Cats on your phonecase

7. CATS! Just a lot of cats

8. You practically melt into a puddle when a cat does that blinky eye/cat kiss thing


9. And don’t even get us started on when cats wink at you, the saucy devils


10. When you watch cat videos and you’re away from your cat, you cry


11. When your cat is in arms reach, but watch cat videos and still cry


Are you as obsessed with cats as Taylor Swift?!


12. Especially in said cat videos when they meow and it’s like the cutest thing in the world ever EVER


13. Movies where the pet/cat dies are a no go. ‘Marley & Me’ can actually do one, because the thought of losing your fluffy one is too much to deal with


14. Obvs you already have names picked out for all future cats you’ll own


15. And breeds, duh!


Anything else you have to add that we’ve missed? Give us a tweet @maximumpop and hug a cat!

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