Crazy About One Direction: The 5 Craziest Quotes

Last night, Channel 4 aired a documentary about some of the most fanatical Directioners around. The fans spoke about their love for the group, shipping Larry Stylinson, fan fiction, Taylor Swift and waiting outside the boys hotel rooms while they sleep. One girl even said that some people might call it stalking, but she doesn’t care.

Here are our Top 5 Quotes:

1“The whole reason I got braces was because Niall has braces. I didn’t really need braces”- A certain scene from Mean Girls involving “army pants and flipflops” comes to mind.

2“If they said chop off an arm, I would” “Oh my god, yeah! There’s plenty of people who don’t have an arm and they’re all fine”

3“I wouldn’t kill a puppy, but I would kill a cat”- It’s nice to see that there are boundaries.

About Taylor Swift: “she comes across as very self obsessed and she likes antiques, she’s not my kind of girl”- What!? ANTIQUES? The monster!

5“I’m part of a fandom that could kill you if they wanted”- Don’t mess with Directioners!

If you missed the documentary, or just want to relive it again, you can watch it on 4OD.

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