COVER REVEAL: Emily Suvada’s ‘This Mortal Coil’ is going to give you serious grabby hands


There is no gene for RUN LIKE HELL.

A little bit science-y, very much heart pound-y, Emily Suvada’s ‘This Mortal Coil’ is going to blow everything else you’ve read this year outta the water. Truth. And we’re SO EXCITED to reveal the FLAWLESS cover.

Catarina and Cole find themselves embroiled in an action packed thriller of a story. As carefully woven and as complex as a DNA strand. And that’s important with 3 billion lives at stake!

A world where genetics and technology are so closely entwined it’s almost impossible to pick them apart. You can upgrade yo’self. Want a different hair colour? No probs. A unicorn horn? Done.

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You know this isn’t going to be all symbiosis and utopia, right? Control and power. One organisation holds the keys to the castle, the medical code, the ability to give hope or take it.

Ok, ok. Enough gushing over the story, it’s time to flap like a crazy fangirl over the cover which is so perfect you’ll want to touch it:

Yes. Yes. Yes. You want it, don’t you? Welp, you’ll have to wait patiently until November. But until then just dream about this almost 3D cover.

Tell us how much you want this book in the comments below!

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