Don’t Miss: Cover Drive – ‘Sparks’ music video

MP!’s Bajan BFFs are back with the music video for their third single ‘Sparks’ – the slow burning midtempo track is accompanied by the story of band mates Amanda and T-Ray hanging out with other, less exciting love interests, despite the fact that they clearly have the hots for each other. In the end, the couple manage to work it out – but we can’t help that feel that if the pair had just remembered the impressive, perfect dates they revealed to us in our Big Interview then this whole thing could have been sorted out much quicker. T – for future reference, Amanda likes ice cream on a first date.

Either way, the song is sure to be another chart hit and the video makes us want to pack a bag and take the first plane to somewhere with a beach ASAP. Check out the video for Cover Drive’s ‘Sparks’ below.

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