Cover Drive talk lion hair, new single with Far East Movement, Tinchy collab. The Big Interview

Words by Jon G

In the midst of the very busy and loud Tinchy Stryder party, we spotted the very gorgeous Cover Drive, so grabbed Amanda and the boys for a gossip in the one quiet spot we could find, which happened to be blocking the entrance to the ladies’ loos… needs must.

Hello Cover Drive!
All: Hello!

How have you enjoyed the Tinchy Stryder headphones launch this evening?
Amanda: Oh my gosh it was so much fun! We’re just glad to come out and support Tinchy and to see everybody, it was really good.

You’re big fans of Tinchy; would you like to collaborate with him?
Amanda: Oh yeah we were just talking about that in the hallway, there – we’ll see if something happens!

Is this a Maximum Pop exclusive?
Amanda: Um, well it’s nothing, er, it’s not FACT, so it’s just, you know, we’re just talking. Could be a rumour!

How was it performing at the Capital Summertime Ball?
All: amazing!
Amanda: Oh my gosh, that was probably one of our most memorable moments… 80,000 people, that was crazy.
T-Ray: biggest crowd we’ve ever played!

Where are Cover Drive going to be by the end of the year?
Amanda: taking over the world! We have a single with Far East Movement called ‘Turn Up The Love’. We shot the video for that a couple of weeks back and it’s coming out soon so we’re really excited for that. It’s a dance track; we’ve never done dance before so it was good to do it with Far East Movement cos that’s their style and kinda bring our style with it!
Barry: we’ve got a lot of dates this summer, T4 On The Beach, T In The Park, V Festival and we’re going on tour with Kelly Clarkson, JLS and Olly Murs.

It’s been known to rain at T4 On The Beach.
All: Awww, no!!!

Are Cover Drive going to be bringing the Barbadian sunshine?
All: of course!
Amanda: We always bring it. Always. If the UK wants to receive it.

Yes, always! You’re familiar with the London weather. Amelle from the Sugababes is here this evening, have you had a chance to say hello?
Amanda: No, we were on our way to speak to her but then you grabbed us!

[MP! blushes] Whoops, we’re so rude.
Amanda: No, it’s fine!

Angel is here too; did you see him?
T-Ray: We didn’t arrive in time, but we’ve met him before on the Dappy tour!

And what do you think of N-Dubz?
Jamar: The first concert we went to in the UK was for N-Dubz. We love them!
Amanda: They’re really cool.

Do Cover Drive have a favourite member of Little Mix?
Amanda: To be honest, I don’t know the name of the members of Little Mix!
Jamar: I don’t either but I do have a favourite, she has green eyes, and wears… help me out, here, guys!

Is it the one with lion hair? That’s Jesy.
Barry: Lion hair, lion hair, lion hair…
T-Ray: Yeh, Jesy.
Jamar: Jesy! She’s sexy.
Amanda: if you haven’t noticed already we’re pretty bad with knowing British popstars!
Barry: Some of them are going out with One Direction so that puts me off…

We should just ask you about Bajan singers like Rihanna and Shontelle…
Amanda: Ah yeh then we know for sure! No, we’re getting a lot better with the British pop, obviously we’re making lots of friends here in the UK so that’s good!

Do you have a message for your fans reading Maximum Pop?
Amanda: Yes! Oh my gosh, just thanks for all the support, guys. You know, keep doing it Bajan style, buy the album and keep supporting and we love you guys!

Thanks so much, Cover Drive!
All: Thank you!!

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