7 things you can legit cook in a sandwich maker that will level up your mealtimes

No fancy cooking skills required here, folks. All you need is a toasted sandwhich maker, and a few key ingredients (bacon, always bacon).


Trust. Your mealtimes will be revolutionised. As long as you don’t have a problem with triangles… 

1. Cake. Because it’s important to start with the essentials. There are recipes a-plenty online for this, but we’ve tried and tested this one. But it will work with most pre-made mixes too. You’re welcome.

2. From cake to pancake. Yes, yes. Pancakes. Get yo’self a ready-made mix, follow the instructions on the label, and throw it in. Boom. (Don’t forget to grease the toaster with a little butter or oil)

3. Omelettes. Also, fried eggs, egg things, all the eggs. But definitely omelettes. One recipe here.


4. Pizza. Yes, friends. This is the holy grail right here. You can, indeed, cook a pizza in a sandwich toaster. Tried. Tested. Repeated.

5. Beef burgers. Yep, them too. Now, we personally prefer them made form scratch, which you can learn how to do right here. BUT you can also cook the shop-bought kind too. Get even crazier and wedge a chunk of cheese inside each patty… inside-out cheeseburgers? Amaze.



(unfortunately they too will probably be triangles, but just think… they now are perf for fitting inside normal bread.)

6. Veggies. There’s a whole plethora of yummy veggies you can cook inside your cheap and cheerful sandwich toaster. Onions, courgette, mangetout, peppers… Just give it a go.


7. Here it is. The big one. Ladies and gents, we give you…



giphy (42)

Ohhh, yeah. Just grease up that appliance and slap it in. Then just cook to your required crispiness. #heaven

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