Here’s how sellotape can totally change your contour game

Contouring can be tricky. It’s an art form which only the greatest beauty gurus (AKA the Kardashians) have been able to master, leaving the rest of us wondering how they manage to achieve such a level of flawlessness.


The struggle is real but those dark days are now over as a beauty YouTuber has come up with the perfect hack for achieving that perfect contour – and it involves sellotape. Yep, sellotape.

Huda Beauty shared her secret in a tutorial which shows her using tape to outline the parts of your face which you would usually apply bronzer to – round the forehead, down the nose, up the cheekbones and across the jawline.

Then you just contour as normal, peel off the tape and voila – super defined contour lines which allow you to blend and buff to your liking.


It’s as simple as that. BRB we’re off to raid our stationary supply so we can finally embrace our inner contour goddess.

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Written by Nina John-Clement

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