5 Roles We’d Like To See Conor Maynard Take On

As we reported yesterday, Conor Maynard is looking to branch out into acting alongside his music, as it’s his “first passion”, and he has revealed that he has already been looking at scripts in the US!

With new single ‘R U Crazy?’ on  repeat as inspiration, here at MP! Towers we’ve compiled a list of the five roles we’d most like to see C-Maynz portray.

1. Jack Bauer From 24

With the mentioning of the number “24” in his new single, it’s obvious than Conor is a fan of the show and we’re sure he could pull off playing the main part of a Counter Terrorist Unit worker if the show’s producers ever decided to give the main character a Doctor Who type re-generation.

2. Love Interest In A Follow Up To Little Mix’s ‘DNA’ Video

As we know, pop stars all move in the same circles and Little Mix and Conor Maynard are bound to have bumped into each other at some point in their careers, whether it be at a festival or even just a celeb-filled party. With the middle 8 of ‘R U Crazy?’ sounding a lot like the instrumental of LM’s ‘DNA’ and a “To Be Continued…” being teased at the end of the hit video, surely this is inevitable to happen?

3. Ray Charles In A Movie Of His Life

For any of you that don’t know (which most of you probably won’t, but ask your nans), Ray Charles was an American soul singer who had a hit called ‘Hit The Road, Jack’ – you see where we’re going with this now, don’t you? The use of this lyric may signify that Conor is about the play Ray in the big screen story of his life. Even though he looks nothing like him. Maybe Conor can just make a cameo then?

4. Land Lady Of The Rovers Return

After Status Quo’s appearance in 2005 (ask your nans again), we’ve been desperate for another singer to pop up in Coronation Street. After years of hinting she’d love a part, Cheryl Cole STILL hasn’t made an appearance so why not rope Conor in? Come on Conor, get us a pint!

5. Conor Maynard In A Docu-film

No, we’re still not over This Is Us and are hoping that Conor feels like making his own documentary film following him on tour as well. Following in the likes of One Direction, Katy Perry and even the almighty Biebs would catapult Maynard’s acting career straight to the top (and we’re just hoping for some nipple to be honest!)

So now we’ve had our say, let us know which roles you’d like to see Conor Maynard Take On!

Watch the video for Conor’s next single ‘R U Crazy’ below:

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