Yay! You can now buy these famous colour-changing lip balms in the UK

Not long ago the entire beauty world blew up with excitement over the existence of colour-changing lip balms with tiny flowers inside. Why? Because they’re basically the most magical things ever.

Pre-order available!

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Unfortunately they were only available through Kaliijumei’s China-based website, however we’ve got some AMAZING news for UK babes as ASOS are now selling similar ones. Yaaaaaaaaas.

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The lip balms, made by American brand Winky Lux, are almost identical to the originals that blew our mind and come in a set of 3 with teeny-tiny yellow, green and pink flowers inside.

The products work using the ~laws of science~ by adapting to the pH of your lips, resulting in a perfect lipstick shade tailored to each individual who uses it. Sounds pretty magical to us.


The external packaging is equally as gorgeous, with the balms looking like giant pretty gold and pink pills (y’know, because lush makeup works like medicine) and coming in a shiny pouch.

The set is priced at £20, which is pretty good considering that’s under £7 per lip balm, but is unfortunately sold out at the moment. We’re almost certain they’re going to get restocked quickly due to the high demand though!

Have you tried magical colour-changing lip balms like these before? Let us know if they’re all they’re cracked up to be in the comments below.

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