Cody Simpson ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ – amazing album alert!

Young Aussie heartthrob Cody Simpson is something of an MP! HQ fan favourite as he provides some classic summer tuneage as the months rolls by. Fortunately for us, he’s gone and released new EP ‘Surfer’s Paradise’ – but is it any good or is it not fit to clean Bieber’s boots?

For the most part, it’s a big success on Mr Simpson’s part as he’s collected together a handful of truly fantastic tracks for his follow-up record. ‘If You Left Him For Me’ is the most obvious and immediate hit here, laying out a smooth EDM and electropop beat for Cody to croon over and providing plenty of soundtrack for the latest cool house party.

Other cuts are just as good with the Maroon 5-esque ‘No Ceiling’, a fun and cute ditty and island anthem closer ‘Love’, a relaxed tune that uses some reggae influences from Ziggy Marley to great effect.

However, some other songs don’t fare as well – ‘La Da Dee’ is a bit of a harmless but ultimately throwaway tune that while it apes Owl City, it fails to capture any aural magic. ‘Summertime of Our Lives’ too, is very generic if enjoyable, and it’s a real shame that a lot of stuff on the album seems to be inspired too much by other artists – the fantastic ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’, a tune for all the fangirls, is so Justin-Timberlake-inspired that he even drops JT into the lyrics.

With definite influences (‘Imma Be Cool’ is a One Direction track in the making and ‘Sinkin’ In’ is all but a mellow Ed Sheeran song), the verdict is that when Cody is original, he’s very good and when he uses the light touch of influences, he produces some cracking tunes, but when he leans too hard on those influences, he becomes a bit forgettable. And we want nothing more than to always remember Cody.

Check out the summer-party-meets-Saved-By-the-Bell video for ‘Pretty Brown Eyes’ below:

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