WATCH: New Coca-Cola commercial featuring Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne. We’re not sure what it’s about but there’s LiLo.

It’s always a pleasure see how much the world is 1D AF.

It’s no news that Coca-Cola is 1D AF too. First the Larry inspired video, then the Nouis one, now a new one featuring LiLo. A ball. And magic.

Because, you know, they’re pretty damn good with ball tricks…

In the video below you can see Sporty Tommo holding a deflated ball declaring that ‘Friendship is kindness’ and then Liam appearing from and disappearing from the mirror using some kind of superpower or some sort of magic. Those boys.

So, seems like we’re all here waiting for the last Coca-Cola ‘friendship’ video… Yeah, the Larry one.

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Written by Sara

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