Alarm Pop: Cobra Starship feat. Icona Pop ‘Never Been in Love’

These two dance-pop groups have been turning the party from both sides of the Atlantic for a few years now. It’s about time Cobra Starship and Icona Pop linked up, right?

American band Cobra Starship, best known for their 2009 hit ‘Good Girls Go Bad‘ (featuring Leighton Meester), called on Swedish duo Icona Pop to guest on their new single ‘Never Been In Love’.

The result is something less in-your-face and clubby than you would expect, considering how bad ass ‘I Love It‘ and ‘Good Girls Go Bad‘ were.

‘Never Been in Love’ sounds like something either made to soundtrack a car commercial or like a modern day Friends montage. It’s breezy, tuneful and quite band-driven pop.

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