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Author/Fangirl CJ Skuse reviews 5SOS’s new album: “It should have been called Sounds Brilliant, Feels Amazing”

When CJ Skuse isn’t writing your favourite books and keeping you up with thrill rides like ‘Monster’, she’s busy being a self-proclaimed 5SOS fangirl and rocking out to their latest album, ‘Sounds Good, Feels Good’.

Check out what this talented writer had to say about the boys music making skills:

Yes I know I’m rather old to be truly in the Fam, slightly too shrivelled to be a proper 5SOSage, too wrinkly to know about Cake and Mashton and all that Tumblr filth the youth are writing which I’m definitely not reading avidly, but I love these Aussie lads and what they’re doing for popular music. Kids are picking up guitars because of these guys! Kids are moshing again – it makes me so happy! (I can no longer mosh sadly – what with two hip replacements and them never letting me out of the Home – but I did manage to escape briefly to review their new album.

So here are my thoughts – just in case you needed a wrinkly’s view – on the wonder that is Sounds Good, Feels Good.

1. Money – Any song that mentions Drive Thrus gets my vote.  Makes me want to rob banks. Bangin drums on this track. I can hear Ashton’s chuckle on that intro too. Yeah, he’s my best, get over it.

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2. She’s Kinda Hot – The earwormiest song on the whole damn album, for shizz. I relate a lot to the themes in this song. Unlike the bitch on the phone though, I’m not hot. Not even an itty bitty little bit.

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3. Hey Everybody! – Well this is very Duran Duranny at first. Oh yeah, I forgot, you were all foetuses when Duran Duran’s ‘Hungry Like the Wolf’ was released. Well trust me, it is. This song’s a proper ‘grower.’ And the video is brill. God bless this band!

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4. Permanent Vacation – a nod to the band’s nomadic lifestyles here, this sounds like Green Day’s ‘Longview’ off the Dookie album. Sure, it’s no ‘Pizza’ but it’s still a gloriously good feel good song in its own right. Me likey lotsy. Sounds good, feels better.

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5. Jet Black Heart – I want to marry this song, then go on honeymoon with it, then round Ikea with it looking at cots. Then I want to argue on the way home with it and stop the car and ask for a divorce, but get back together with it weeks later and kiss it passionately under mistletoe. Ahem, yeah, I really like this song.

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6. Catch Fire – My second favourite on the albs. Just instantly puts me in a better mood. The voices sound mature on this one too. Okay, I’ve decided I’m going to marry Jet Black Heart but have a steamy affair with this one. Drums sound fantastic on this track too.

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7. Safety Pin – I play this so loud, my neighbours are filing a lawsuit. Another song that reminds me of Green Day. The whole concept of the album is reminiscent of their 21st Century Breakdown. I want to write a book about broken boy meeting his broken girl. We’ll safety pin the pieces of our broken hearts back together *sobs*

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8. Waste the Night – My third bestest song on the whole damn albs. And can I just put in another word about their voices here? OMG incredible, esp Luke. I really like the tempo here too. Rhythm section owning this one for me. Good job, Cashton.

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9. Vapor – I want to breathe you in like a vapor, I want to be the one you remember, I want to feel your love like the weather, All over me, all over me. Find a boy who will write you lyrics like this and you have truly found the one. Magnificent.

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10. Castaway – Not grown on me just yet. Could be this album’s ‘Social Casualty,’ aka, The One I Always Skip. I could try and imagine me and Ashton on some desert island somewhere I guess, cracking coconuts in our in loin cloths and … *listens again* Yeah, I love it. 4th bestest.

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11. The Girl Who Cried Wolf – Mellow. Mature. Luke’s voice sounds stunning on this and I love the military-style drum beat here too. Something a bit Beatlesy about this one too. Cake for the win here.

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12. Broken Home – Ooh bit of a tearjerker. Did a cry. Reminds me of Pink’s ‘Family Portrait’ with a haunting bit of string and piano accompaniment. Lots of feels here – it’s a song that reaches a hand out to the broken homies and says ‘We understand.’ Nice job, Boys.

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13. Fly Away – This one almost makes me want to go for a jog. Almost. It’s got a Sum 41 vibe and is actually best listened to in a convertible. If you don’t have a convertible, borrow your parents’ Volvo, get an industrial-strength tin opener and cut open the roof to make a big hole. Then whack the volume up to 11 and bliss out.

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14. Invisible – Another big old nod to Green Day here (Good Riddance) and another hand held out to the hopeless. Calum’s voice is particularly beautiful on this track. One for the Hoodys, for defs.

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15. Airplanes – Gorgeous guitar on this one. Must take time to applaud Michael here. Such an underrated guitarist. Definitely one to listen to when you’re up in the clouds dreaming of a new life with Ashton, I mean, holidays and shizz. Crank this up and enter pop punk heaven.

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16. San Francisco – Ooh, this is becoming game of ‘Where’s 5SOS?’ Are they in an airplane? Under a London sky? On permanent vacation? Nope, now they’re in San Fran. A little bit folksy, a little bit sing along. A proper summer anthem. You know, you know, you know, you know I quite like this.

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17. Outer Space/Carry On – Blimey, they’re in space now. And this is one beautiful way to end an album. The production on these two is fantastic – best heard on earphones. Nice bit of Muke here too. With lyrics like Carry on, outlast the ignorance, Moving on, survive the innocence, Won’t be long, you know it’s gonna get better you just know these boys have got their fans firmly in their sights. Fab.

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SUMMARY: They mistitled this album. It should have been called Sounds Brilliant, Feels Amazing. But I guess that’s not as catchy. Well done, Boys. The rock torch is truly with you now. Go and light some fires with this. 5 stars.

Get your copy of ‘Monster’ on Amazon for £7.99.

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