Cimorelli reveal their secret obsession with Conor Maynard and talk about their new album and autobiography

These Cimorelli girls don’t half work hard, don’t they?


They literally only just released their first full length album ‘Up At Night’ in May this year and they’re already back with a brand new release. Phew!

Their second full length studio album ‘Alive’ has just been made available to buy exclusively at and they also just released their first autobiography ‘Lessons Learned’. GEEZ LOUISE!

But they still had time to have a chat with Maximum Pop! We couldn’t love them more…

Hi Cimorelli! So could you tell us a bit about the new album ‘Alive’?

‘Alive’ is a lot different than our last album- whereas ‘Up At Night’ was a lot of relationship songs, ‘Alive’ is a lot of life songs about faith, hope, addiction, struggles, and God. I think we all have different favourites, but my favourite (Katherine) is ‘Alive’. I think the message is so powerful and relatable, and it brings hope to dark times!

What is the most personal track on the EP/Album and why?

Lisa wrote a song called ‘The Love Of A Man’ that is intensely personal and raw. The message is also relatable, as it’s about the emotional baggage and shame that comes from certain types of relationships.

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What made you choose ‘Alive’ as your album title?

The title track of the album was inspired by a poem I wrote. The poem is all about how every emotion has beauty and meaning, no matter how painful or heavy. And that embracing the full spectrum of emotions makes us more alive. I think that’s one of the biggest messages of the album- if you are in a dark place and feeling overwhelmed by pain, it helps you reframe that situation to find meaning in it.

What is one thing that would shock us about your book ‘Lessons Learned’?

Maybe that we wrote and edited the entire thing ourselves with no help from outside sources! We did have a photographer do the photos and a graphic designer put together the design, but the writing is all one hundred percent Cimorelli! I oversaw the editing as I’ve always been passionate about writing, but all of us love to write and we really enjoyed putting this book together.


What do you think are the biggest obstacles facing young up and coming musicians in 2016?

A huge challenge is that people’s attention spans seem to have waned a bit due to social media. It seems that people come and go so easily and sometimes fans can be fickle, just always looking for the “new, cool” thing. However, there are always going to be those passionate, loyal diehards and I think that’s who you have to remember you are serving!

What’s the worst sibling fight you’ve ever had? 

We’ve had some pretty dramatic ones! It’s hard to pick one as “worst” but there have been fights where everyone is crying and yelling. I think the good thing about our family is that we all have so much respect for each other and we know where the line is- very rarely does anyone really cross it. And we stick up for each other, so things don’t get so polarized. We love each other a lot and I think that love is way stronger than the fights!


What’s one thing you everybody should do at least once in their life?

Develop strong beliefs and become passionate about something, and speak up for it. There is no better feeling in the world than standing up for what you believe in.

Who is your favourite pop YouTuber of 2016?

We really like Conor Maynard! We actually got to meet him at VidCon over the summer this year, and he was really cool.

What is the funniest thing you have seen on YouTube in 2016?

That guy who does the dance videos in his car is pretty hilarious! It’s impressive how much control he has over his facial muscles to produce those crazy facial expressions haha.

What is your favourite Christmas activity?

This year, Dani did something really cool! Over the summer, we went on a mission trip to Ohio and Dani visited a center for impoverished kids from struggling families. She came up with the idea to go back and pay them a Christmas visit! A few of us went with her to deliver presents, food and school supplies to the center right before Christmas. I’m hoping this becomes a yearly tradition!

Where would you like to be in 10 years time?

I think we would all like to be married, with kids, doing careers that we love and still in touch with our amazing fans online! No matter where life takes us, I think we all recognize how special our bond is with them and we want to maintain that.

Thanks for answering our questions! It was a pleasure to talk to you. Good luck with the new album.

Cimorelli’s latest album ‘Alive’ is available to purchase exclusively right here.


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