Move over strobing, chroming is the new biggest beauty trend

London Fashion Week is approaching and the word on the street is that ‘chroming’ is the new beauty trend to watch out for. What is ‘chroming’, you ask? Well we’re slightly confused too. Keeping up with all these new trends is hard work!


We’ve done some research and turns out chroming is ‘creating a subtle sheen on an area you want to call attention to, like your cheek or brow bones, using a nude lipstick‘. Well that clears it up then, right?


Err, wrong. Many beauty insiders were quick to point out that isn’t that just the same as ‘strobing’ or, in simpler terms, highlighting? Well basically, except the difference is that you’re using lipstick instead of a fancy product.


Didn’t you get the memo? Wearing lipstick on your cheeks is totes acceptable now.


Chroming might just be the start of a big trend but we can’t help but wish we could go back to when plain old contouring was the in-thing… *sigh* oh, the simpler days.

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