10 quirky Christmas presents you need to buy (or ask Santa for) this Christmas- and they’re all under £25!

While some people are still arguing that it’s too early to crack out a chrimbo tune or start watching ‘Elf’ and ‘Home Alone’, we literally have under 50 (!!!) days to the big day, so Christmas shopping is definitely something you need to get a move on with. Having problems? Strapped for cash? Need to get for someone who owns everything? Worry not- MP! is here to the rescue. We have found 10 quirky Christmas presents which are all under £25!  Welcome you are.

1. Favourite Lyrics Print – £11.99 from

Christmas Present 1

Know someone who loves music? Get the lyrics to their favourite song printed onto a fancy typographic print. This would look dead cool on someone’s wall. We’d probably get the lyrics to ‘Ready to Run’ or ‘Amnesia’ printed on ours.

2. Crazy Cat Lady Pencils – £3.75 from 


If Niall Horan doesn’t start getting down on one knee to us anytime soon, we have a feeling we may very well end up as a crazy cat lady. But that’s okay, because we’d be able to use these pencils at MP! HQ. If  you don’t know a cat lover, then fear not- there’s also Elf, Harry Potter, Friends, Big Bang Theory and other cool pencils you can get!

3. Cardboard Smartphone Projector – £15.99 from

Christmas present 2

This is a pretty cool and useful present. If you have snaps from your travels or a film on your phone you want to be able to show people on something bigger than a phone screen, then this is something pretty awesome you should get! Made from cardboard and just a fraction of a price of those fancy projectors plus it’s light and portable so you could take it wherever you wanted to watch stuff. 5SOS’ funniest moments on the big screen, anyone?

4. Adopt a Pony – £17 from

christmas present 2

This is for all those horse lovers out there- while your back garden may not be big enough to keep a cute pony, you can still have the chance to adopt one with this sweet gift. You can adopt a pony for 12 months in association with pony charity Moorland Mousie Trust. Pick your pony, receive a certificate, photo and even have the opportunity to visit your adopted pony! How cute?

5. Paintballing experience for 10 – £10 from 


Got someone adventurous to buy from? Then this is the perfect gift. Give them the chance to take 9 friends paintballing for just a tenner! Choose from over 50 UK locations and have a whale of a time with a full day paintball park entry pass, meaning you can play 8-10 games!

6. Blow Monkey Nail Dryer- £5.99 from 

christmas present 4

How annoying is it when you have to wait for your nails to dry. We’re forever flapping our hands about to try and let the polish set and it seems like forever. Well not anymore! This cute little monkey can do the job for you. He’s a nail dryer and blows your nails dry. How handy? Heh… handy… geddit?

7. Sow and Grow Your Own Magical Fairy Flowers – £8.99 from 

christmas present 3If you have a kid in the family to buy for, then you need one of these! This adorable present allows you to grow your very own enchanting magical fairy flowers  and we totally want one. Definitely not something you’ll be used to receiving! If they’re not into the magical world of fairies, though, as you can also get a “grow your own fly eating plant” from the website for the same price. Sorted!

8. Telescopic Selfie Stick – £9.99 from

Christmas present 3

Selfies are the rage these days, aren’t they? We even caught our mum teaching our gran how to take one! If you’re trying to fit lots of people (or scenery) into a photo (like all of One Direction and your friends) then you need to get this. We even saw someone using one on our holibobs and wanted one of our own.

10. Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza- £12.95 from

christmas prsent 5

This is for all the chocolate lovers out there! This final present idea is great if you’re a chocoholic and like to cook! Make your own chocolate pizza, pick your toppings (all of them for us, pls) and then eat it with satisfaction. If it were up to us, it would be on the menu everyday. No regrets.

So, there’s a bit of inspiration for your Christmas shopping. We feel even more festive now!

santas coming

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