Alarm Pop: Christina Milian, ‘Encore’

Welcome again to ‘Alarm Pop’, where we provide you a fantastic track to get you throughout the day because we love you guys. Really.

R&B pop favourite Christina Milian has finally emerged back onto the musical scene after a few years of flexing her musical muscles so it’s a pleasant surprise to see her brand new track ‘Encore’ appearing on the scene.

‘Encore’ is a fizzy and light-hearted R&B-lite tune that has its eyes on the dancefloor. To her credit, Milian has never sounded better with some fantastic vocals that are impressive and a big draw in to the song.

‘Encore’ has a lot of play and theatre puns and allusions and with her forementioned acting past, this is a pitch-perfect reintroduction that evokes Ciara-style ear candy and Kelly Rowland dance vibes at their finest.

It’s not the most original song, but Christina sounds incredible and it’s an effortlessly fun and breezy track that’s just what you need as summer comes to a close. We just hope this isn’t Christina’s encore, rather the start of a whole new musical era. We’ve missed you, girl!

Listen to ‘Encore’ below:

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