This Vlogger has done a Finding Dory makeover… and it will frighten you

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, gather round and see possibly the most FRIGHTENINGLY REAL representation of a Disney Pixar character you’ll ever see in your life!


Well, that’s the real one.

But the lovely Youtuber Chrisspy – who has over 1.5 million subscribers – is celebrating the release of the new film ‘Finding Dory’, (which, by the way, is quite possibly the coolest thing to ever come out in 2016) so she naturally decided to make her whole entire head into… Dory.



We know.

And the process is even better.

In case you think the journey from human to fish was a simple one, it simply ain’t so. Chrisspy started off by combing her brows in an upwards motion (with what else but a gluestick), going over it twice to get the hairs as flat to the skin as possible. She then powdered over the brow, to get everything to a similar surface.


This might be because not alot of fish have eyebrows, or that it would allow her to ‘just keep swimming’ with ease. (we apologise for this pun, honestly.)

After adding a bald cap, she then looked at a photo of Dory, and mapped out where every feature should go on the face. She added paint, whilst applying different coloured eyeshadows and highlighter to get every aspect of her face Dory-like; clearly, the amount of detail is incredible…

… and in all honesty, ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING.

Untitled design(8)

The end product though, we gotta admit is abso BRILLIANT. She looks as if she was off to  find Nemo herself – it’s scary and incredible rolled into one little fish. Take a look for yourself!

When Chrisspy introduced this video, she said: “It looks like, really really creepy and scary when I’m talking and my eyes are open…” – YOU GOT THAT RIGHT.

A wonderful make-over, but if this appeared in our hallway when we were home alone, I don’t think we could swim away fast enough.


What do you think of Chrisspy’s make-over? Frightening or fin-tastic? Let us know at @maximumpop!

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