Interview: Chris Bourne chats new music and heading out on tour with Jake Quickenden

Before he heads out on tour next week with the dishy Jake Quickenden we thought we’d ask singer Chris Bourne all about sibling rivalry (his brother is James Bourne of McBusted), tour antics and what he has mastered whilst surfing!


Hey Chris! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us. How much preparation went in to your merch store photo shoot?

The merch store was pretty straight forward, I already had the visuals from my art designer so just sent them through :) A lot of prep went into the designs though, just wanted everything to look awesome!

Everything will be available on tour at my merch table, will also have the online store set up by then… which ships WORLDWIDE keep your eye on my Twitter page!

What is the craziest item you have received from a fan?

This is a tricky one, all sorts have appeared in meet and greets but I think the craziest was a gerbil.

How did you convince your brother James to be in your video?

Haha I needed to get some more footage and our neighbours were out of town so we jumped the fence and used their pool.. James was stoked about the under water go pro shots so he just naturally was there .. plus it was a really hot day!

Have you mastered balancing on a surf board whilst playing guitar?

I’m sure it’s possible, I just didn’t wanna take my guitar out into the water .. I have mastered uni-cycling and playing guitar though :)

If you took someone on a date would it be Nandos or Pizza Hut?


Would you say you are a Dub Smash master or a Dub Smash disaster?

Haha I love that app, I got really into it.. I would say I was somewhere in the middle.

How long does it take you to prepare for your Instagram photos or are you natural gifted in your photo taking abilities?

I have some go to filters for sure ha, but recently I discovered instasize … that takes a lil longer.

Is there any sibling rivalry between you and James or are you both really chill?

We are chill 90% of the time.. the other 10% is playing Mario Kart on the n64 in which case… it’s on !

Are you anticipating any crazy antics on the tour with Jake Quickenden?

I haven’t been on the road for a few months, so obviously trying to blow off some steam and get crazy on tour.

Are you an on stage liability (as in likely to break a bone) or are you pretty sensible when you get up there?

The ambulance may get called!

What can you not be without when you are in the studio?

I need a lava lamp and my espresso machine.. or else nothing gets done lol.

Whet your whistles with Chris’s teaser for his upcoming releases and prepare to get excited.

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