MP! caught up with Hollywood Ending’s Chris to chat about Speedos, celeb crushes and the ‘Punk A$$ Kids’ EP

We’re beyond excited for the release of Hollywood Ending’s brand spanking new EP ‘Punk A$$ Kids’, which drops November 30th. In fact, we’re so excited that we decided to have a little chinwag with Chris to find out what we can expect from the EP. Oh, we also asked for his opinions on socks with sandals, speedos and who his celeb crush is…

Hey Chris! How are you?

Not too bad thanks – how’s it going?

It’s going great – we’re really excited for the release of your EP ‘Punk A$$ Kids’, what can we expect from that?

I think the difference with this EP and other stuff we’ve done before is that it’s a lot more pumping in terms of a rock sense. It’s more guitars, less synths and both songs are really pumping. One song is called ‘Punk A$$ Kids’ and that’s the single, it’s just about really kinda doing whatever you want and not caring too much about what everyone else around you is doing. It’s about being this teenage kid just going wild, they’re both feel-good songs and the music video for ‘Punk A$$ Kids’ is definitely going to shine the lyrics out pretty well. So check that out!

Sounds amazing – we will do! So you guys have spent a bit of time in the States – how do the fans differ over there to the UK?

Well we launched in the states about three years ago, doing some stuff with Disney Channel, and our original demographic is quite different to where we stand as a band now. So the fans we picked up back then have stayed with us, and we’ve got little bit older, dirtier and rockier. They don’t respond to it as much over in the UK where we just come and put these songs out and everyone knows it’s just this kind of dirty, rocky band and not a Disney band. Where as in the States we still kinda have that stigma. The fans still go wild; I just think that they’re a little bit more tamed.

As your album is called ‘Punk A$$ Kids’, we thought we’d put you to the test to see how punk ass you really are. Up for that?

Yeah sure – go for it!

Have you ever thrown a TV out of the window?

I haven’t no…

Would you wear socks and sandals?

Oh yeahh, I’ve done that.

You HAVE?!

Oh yeahh. * laughs *

Have you ever smashed up a guitar?

Yeah, well you’ll find out very soon if I have or not…

Ooh okay! Are sunglasses indoors acceptable?

I think they are depending on your mood and if you’re hung-over or not.

Are we right in saying you’re wearing sunglasses in your profile picture on Twitter?

I am yes, but I’m outdoors…or maybe I’m just hung-over.

Are Speedos acceptable?

Are what?! Feelings?!


What? eBay?!


Ohh Speedos * laughs * No. Definitely not acceptable!

Who’s the most likely to get arrested in the band?

Believe it or not I believe Danny is going to get arrested someday and I’m just going to be stood there laughing my head off while he does.

What would he get arrested for?

It’ll be something dumb, it’ll just be Danny not really caring about what’s going on and all of a sudden he’ll get arrested.

Let’s say you had a Hollywood movie made about yourselves, which famous actor would play you?

I would say umm a young Leonardo DiCaprio for me * laughs * and I could see Freddie from iCarly playing Cameron actually…

Nice! One of the tracks on your EP is called Girls Girls – so who’s your ultimate celeb girl? Who’s your celeb crush?

Well it’s kinda two…it’s the Olsen twins.

Oh okay cheeky, so like two for the price of one sort of thing?

Yeah, well then you’ve got better chances then haven’t you?

What music are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve been listening to Haim a lot recently, I’ve been watching the video for ‘If I Could Change Your Mind’. It’s just the best music video ever and they’re dancing and doing this crazy s**t and the lead singer is bangin’ – so I can’t stop watching that at the moment.

It is a top song!

Yeah! And obviously I’ve also been listening to McBusted too at the moment.

Cool, so do you have any guilty pleasures in music? Is there anyone you secretly like listening to?

I wouldn’t say it’s a secret, but whenever people ask ‘oh what are you listening to?’ I’m like, you know I grew up listening to pop punk, but at the same time I love Michael Jackson. Then they’re like ‘oh’ and I think what do you mean ‘oh’, Michael Jackson is a legend!

What’s coming after the EP? Can we look forward to an album maybe?

There’s definitely an album on the cards, we have enough material for one, but whether we’ll release it in the new few months or the next year I don’t know. It all depends…

Well we’ll keep an eye out! Can the UK expect another tour from you soon?

I think most definitely yes!

Amazing – we look forward to it! Good luck with the EP and thanks for chatting with us!

Cheers! Thank you very much – bye!

Well there you have it – the very lovely Mr Chris Bourne, we’re even more excited for the EP now. Who else has pre-ordered?! If you haven’t yet we highly recommend you do – it’s clearly going to be amazing…

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