‘Chopstix’: Charlie Hunt reviews A.T. Raydan’s new YA superhero novel

‘Chopstix’ is the story of Wendy Wu, college girl turned superhero. Wielding a pair of chopsticks as her weapon, she plans on taking down her city’s criminals in style. What she wasn’t planning on, though, was discovering part of her she didn’t realise existed.

MP!er Charlie gives us her review it:


Name: Charlie Hunt

Age: 17

Favourite superhero: Spider-Man

1. After reading ‘Chopstix’, would you read other novels by A.T. Raydan?

I feel as though Chopstix was aimed at a younger audience than me, maybe pre-teen, meaning the language and sentence structure was more simplistic than my usual book. Having said that if A.T Raydon was to write a book aimed at my age audience than I would probably give it a read as it was quick and fun.

2. What did you think of the cover?

The cover suited the feel and culture of the story well and it worked well that she was in the position she described to be in in the prologue

3. Was Wendy Wu an unexpected crime-fighter, or does she totally suit being a super hero?

As Wendy Wu appeared to be quite a quiet and reserved character, only really letting herself welcome Andre into her life she may seem like an unexpected crime-fighter in reality. However in the superhero world, many of their everyday lives are quiet and reserved to help them go undiscovered.

4. What did you think of the Chinese culture woven throughout?

I thought the Chinese culture included throughout added a nice theme to the book and ensured readers could see how important Wendy’s roots were to her character.

5. Describe the House of Chi in three words.

Homely, welcoming & friendly

6. Do you think the theme of family is important in ‘Chopstix’?

I think the theme of family was highly important in Chopstix as a lot of her motives and morals came down to what her family, in particular her parent, had brought her up to believe.

7. Would you recommend this to friends?

As mentioned earlier I feel this book was aimed at a younger audience, therefore I may not recommend this to friends of my age but I would recommend it to younger family members

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