‘Wendy Wu is the perfect superhero’ MP!er Michelle reviews AT Raydan’s ‘Chopstix’

‘Chopstix’ is the story of Wendy Wu, college girl turned superhero. Wielding a pair of chopsticks as her weapon, she plans on taking down her city’s criminals in style. What she wasn’t planning on, though, was discovering part of her she didn’t realise existed.

IMG_0328Name: Michelle Williams

Age: 37

Favourite superhero:  Wonderwoman.

After reading ‘Chopstix’, would you read other novels by A.T. Raydan?  I would definitely read more novels by A.T.Raydan. In fact I hope that there will be further sequels to Chopstix and Wendy Wu.

What did you think of the cover? The front cover doesn’t do the story telling inside the book justice, it looks a bit cheesy.

ChopstixWas Wendy Wu an unexpected crime-fighter, or does she totally suit being a super hero? Wendy Wu is the perfect superhero given that she is unassuming amongst her peers. There for her secret identity is easily concealed.

What did you think of the Chinese culture woven throughout? The Chinese culture is woven throughout the novel and in great depth. Although I initially felt it was too much, as the story progressed it helped me to understand Wendy Wu better as a person but also her internal struggles whilst serving justice.

Describe the House of Chi in three words. The House of Chi are Sinister, Selfish and Relentless

Do you think the theme of family is important in ‘Chopstix’? The importance of family is sometimes overlooked in the todays fast paced world. Chopstix reminds us that we shouldn’t take family for granted and we should also appreciate the sacrifices that family make for us.

Would you recommend this to friends? I will definitely be recommending Chopstix to my friends. I’ve already lent it to my teen niece after having on about it to her.

A.T. Raydan does a wonderful job of not only bringing the main character to life but also helping the reader to empathise with Wendy Wu by explaining the cultural differences.

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