‘Peculiar, menacing and mysterious’ Katherine reviews ‘Chopstix’ by A.T Raydan.

‘Chopstix’ is the story of Wendy Wu, college girl turned superhero. Wielding a pair of chopsticks as her weapon, she plans on taking down her city’s criminals in style. What she wasn’t planning on, though, was discovering part of her she didn’t realise existed.

KatharineName: Katherine

Age: 14

Favourite superhero: Captain America

After reading ‘Chopstix’, would you read other novels by A.T. Raydan? Yes, I thought the concept was really creative, and I’m sure A.T Raydan has more to offer.

What did you think of the cover?
I found the cover summed up the storyline well, but could have been portrayed more similarly to YA fiction.

ChopstixWas Wendy Wu an unexpected crime-fighter, or does she totally suit being a super hero?

Wendy’s characteristics made her unexpected, but I found that she fit into the role of a super-hero really well!

What did you think of the Chinese culture woven throughout?

I loved it, I felt that I learnt things, without feeling like I was having to learn tedious facts.

Describe the House of Chi in three words.

Peculiar, Menacing, and Mysterious

Do you think the theme of family is important in ‘Chopstix’?

Yes, definitely, the entire book fits around Wendy’s family, (and loss of), making it vital to have a theme of family. It really made the story its own.

Would you recommend this to friends?
Yes, it was a very interesting book that I found enjoyable.

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