Alarm Pop: Chloe Howl ‘Rumour’


Word is out. You may have heard about Chloe Howl on the grapevine (not least her getting shoved by Bieber’s ‘people’ at his birthday party) but we have the 411 on this girl. Were you bored to tears by the Brits last month? Well here’s the antidote. She’s everything that’s missing from pop music at the moment – gritty, squelchy pop that will crossover into the ‘cool’ NME crowd and is certain to be all over the radio. It’s quite easy to dance to too, and that’s always a good thing.

An energetic burst of scandal, speculation, ambition and wicked-whispers, it’s the sound of every playground and staff-canteen around the country. We love the uniquely British sound from this little 18-year-old and she has a whole EP (also called ‘Rumour’) that’s full of amazing pop songs. It gets even better though – you can download the EP for free (that’s £0.00) from her website here. And we can confirm that’s all very much fact.

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