Chezza’s back, MP! are off to meet Cover Drive and Zayn’s got shaved nipples – gossip!

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Today, Team MP! are off to meet ‘Lick Ya Down’ stars Cover Drive again! Unfortunately this time we won’t be getting them to feed the ducks, but there will definitely be a surprise or two for all you MP!ers to look out for! If there’s anything you’ve been dying to know and what us to ask them give us a tweet and we’ll see what we can do.

Boyband nipple update: We’ve just heard that Zayn’s are shaved. We’re not entirely sure why he’s sharing such information with the world, but we’re grateful anyway. No word yet on who’s got the biggest, smallest or hairiest though.

Apparently Cheryl Cole is making her comeback in March with a brand new single. Supposedly Chezza felt like she was ‘rushed’ into making Messy Little Raindrops and tried to spend more time working on the new album. We don’t know what she’s talking about. This definitely didn’t look rushed… Nope. Not at all.


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The Wanted and Parade are the luckiest pop stars in the world. No, really. Because they’re so special we gave them a sneak peek at the brand spanking new Maximum Pop! before any of you lot and they both had good things to say! The Wanted think it looks ‘pretty awesome’ and Parade were very pleased after they ‘had a butchers’. Hope you all love it as much as them!

Katy Perry’s doing just fine by the way, thanks for asking. Speaking publicly (well, online anyway) for the first time since it was announced that Russell Brand really is The One That Got Away, Katy posted on her Twitter to let everyone that she’s grateful for all the support AND not to trust any rumours coming from suspicious sources like, er, her family.


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